Working On The Case 580Ck Backhoe And Finding A Radiator

All right we're back. We got a pretty good project today. We went into town did a little shopping got some stuff done with the septic tank to get the permits for that. While we were there. We made some phone calls about the backhoe to try and get a new radiator for this backhoe, hang out for a minute we'll let, you know how it went making phone calls. The first phone call I made was to the case dealer, which I believe is down in Oregon, probably bought two and a half hours away as the closest one to us.

So we could find there might be one closer, but the closest one we could find at the time called dim down to the parks department talked the guy gave him what serial numbers I could find off of this thing as much info as I give him for this. This tracker as far as I know, it's built in the 70s, the early 70s and I don't even know if they make creator for this thing anymore. He said that somewhere in Kentucky, they make the radiator for this thing, but it's like a thousand a little over a thousand. Dollars for a radiator for this tractor I haven't, even looked at it really to see if I can get the thing out of there, more or less pay a thousand dollars, or I think a thousand sixty-four dollars for a radiator that's. Incredible a radiator doesn't do much, but cool the antifreeze keeps a motor cool.

But it doesn't have any moving parts it's, just a bunch of cooling fins that liquid travels through so to get one for over a thousand dollars. This is a little much for me to spend. And we did get a. Good deal on the backhoe. We came in a little under budget on the backhoe expecting that it's older we're, going to have to put some money into it from time to time, new hoses for the hydraulics, whatever it might need and the new tire here and there it should probably get a new seat and a new steering wheel, but we'll, wait for those we'll.

Do what we can in the meantime made a couple more phone calls talked to a guy at a local hardware store. Then knows somebody I think 45 minutes away that rebuilds or. Can make custom radiators. So we made that phone call.

He said, he can get a radiator for this thing. If I get him all the information it should have some numbers on top of the radiator. If it doesn't bring the old radiator in, and we'll. Compare it to pictures in this book that he's got a tractor radiator.

He said, he can probably get a radiator for about five to six hundred dollars just an off the hip kind of quote from him. He said, it might be more than that, but it's not going to be a thousand dollars. Like I paid from case. So with that I've got to take this thing apart and get that radiator out of there, see if I can read numbers on the top of it, if I can't,, I should probably just pull the whole thing all the way out anyway. So I know what I'm doing, and we'll go down there. Maybe tomorrow with the radiator see if we can get one on order, it'll probably be about a week out. He said, but if we can get a radiator, or if we can't get a radiator, he can make one for me may not be identical, but it'll work.

It'll do the job, and it'll bolt in there. So let me get this thing ripped apart. The best I can, it's crusty as that thing is it's going to be a chore, but hang out we'll get that thing roof to park at the radiator out of it. Get things started. Alright?

So first things first take the radiator cap off I, don't know how this panel comes off, but I'm, pretty sure this panels gotta come off. So you can lift the radiator out of the top take a cap off the radiator I. Take the clamp off.

This exhaust has a little. Clamp squeeze tight clamp, the exhaust I take that off the gloss slides right up and out sitting off the side, though this cutout looks like it's, big enough to fit around this air, cleaner, I'm going to leave this on if I can is I have to later, I'll, take it off, and then I've got to find all the bolts that go around to hold this. Upper cover on one. Other problem I found it looks like there's spot weld to hold this up recover to the gas tank and I don't really want to take the gas tank all the way out. So. I'm going to try and find a way around that. But for now I'm going to take some of these bolts out, and the bolts are already missing to take the rest of bolts out see if I can get this kind of loose.

So this will slide around, and this upper cover would pop off and give me access that radiator hanging out for a minute. It takes in these bolts out all right. So I got that I think there are four bolts out of the six that were maybe eight that were supposed to be there, and they were all different sizes. So using. My whole bag of wrenches, yeah, get this thing loose. This is pretty loose, and it looks like it.

Slides forward to come on from behind here. The bottle spot welded on there, but it might just be a slide that's spot welded to it to hold it. So we're going to see if we can get this thing alpha into gas tank without taking the big air cleaner off all right, so I'll get the upper cover off it's leaning up against the car next box over there, it's just unbolt. What looked like spot welds back here or just divots. In the metal, they just sit on there, nice and snug.

So what I'll probably do get some paint that up and put a little rubber little foam, rubber gasket there or something to keep it from rubbing on there, all the time keep it quiet - we got the upper cover off radiators kind of loose. You got one of the upper hoses loose. Lower hoses down there's, only it looks like it's. Only about that long and I do have access to the hose clamps, but it's pretty tight space. So I'm going to see I don't, I don't, even.

Know if there are any bolts in the bottom, this ain't holding it in I found this bolt here on each side to hold the radiator in, but no other mounting bolts. So manias just got some pins. It sits in like some cars do I, don't know, I'll be something we figure out the near future here. Yes and we're supposed to be working because it's greasy with the grease that piles up. And then the dirt gets in there, don't touch it though, okay. The other thing we've got here is a breather tube on top of the motor it.

Doesn't seem to go anywhere, just an open event tube, which is a bad thing with all the dust in here in this area. So I'm gonna when I go to get the radiator I'm gonna talk to that guy about getting up some type of that filter that we can put on this. So we can filter the air that goes in and out of that case, we're not sucked, a bunch of dust in there. All right so lets we'll get a couple more things done.

So you can get this radiator out of here, we'll be back with you. So we've got the radiator out then. Take this little side panel out right in here that gave me access there's, a hose clamp lower hose.

It sits right down here. Give me access to that hose clamp there to weasel radiator out was a nightmare. Take you down here and show you a couple of things, so it's supposed to have nuts on the bottom here. But it didn't have kind of a bonus because there's no way to get to them as they go right here. There's, no way to get to the bottom down in there, it's kind of crusty, see how the crust that's a little. Radiator hose where it goes in I, took the upper thermostat housing off because out the thermostat was completely blocked corroded, nasty, it's, a perfect thing. I, didn't run.

This thing for very long because I have a feeling it would have been a lot worse, but radiators out and go into town and see if this guy can hook us up with a radiator I have to order. It probably is a couple of days might not even good till next time. We come up here. I've got to get washed out, though, I don't like to get this. Dirty just to show you the radiator it's all caved in here beat up. This has got to be the original radiator because it's its it's metal, it's brass and aluminum I can't.

Imagine that this has ever been replaced before just with the looks of it. And how much corrosion was inside it here's the number plate. But the guy was asking me if I had seen the numbers on this tell him the correct radiator to order. And as you can see the lower radiator hose it's, only three and a half four inches long, and it's.

Leaves into both places, and then this radiator is stuffed behind this. So you can't pull the radiator this way because of this block right here. It holds a hydraulic pump, so it's a little of a weaseling operation to get it out of there. And hopefully from here, we can get a new radiator and get it put in might be the next week or so we'll get it done though I need this backhoe to be able to dig up stumps level off the driveway, dig our septic system footings for the house, all that stuff this.

Backhoe is the major investment for a reason I could use it a lot. So we'll get this thing. Hooked up get a new thermostat.

Get this system all cleaned out we're going to run a bunch of water through it to blow some stuff out if we can and get the new ready to put in thanks for following along guys. If you like the channel hit the subscribe button, if you're not a subscriber already hit that thumbs up button for me helped this video get out there, leave a comment help the channel help the channel grow. Tell your friends about it, just getting started here guys. Thanks for watching go make something.

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