Virginia Satir The Essence Change Video

Okay, I had a question I wanted to ask about what you were talking about change you're saying that even when people appear not to want change. They do want to be in a place that is safe and where they feel. Okay. And what I've found is that a lot of people think that where they're at right now is safe because whatever else is out there is so unknown, and it's scary. So they say, that's their reasoning for not wanting to change, even though they may want things to be different they're afraid to. Make any movement because where they're at as uncomfortable, it is at least it's known as safe.

How do you help people move past that? Would you come up here? And let me model with you from it?

You know, there is so much China that cannot be said by words, okay. So you tell me, you're scared, and I know, you're scared to take that step, and I'm going to give you a new name, you're Irene. Now, okay, I hope you like that, all right, and so we're, weird, eye level, but we're seated in this instance, we're standing. And so.

You tell me what everything is all right that's. The way it goes. Everything is all right so tell me everything is all right. Everything's. Fine everything's. Fine. Just as it is, you know, what I'm delighted with is for you at this moment to say what at least sit fits well for you at this moment, but I'd like to ask you something is there anything inside you at this moment that disagrees with what you're saying there's a part of me that disagrees, yeah, and does that part of you that's disagreeing at.

This time in any way think gee I could never get it. Even if I wanted it exactly. Yeah. So you could find a way to get something that you wanted and felt that it was safe to do. So would you go after it if it was safe, but that's the problem, yeah, I think it might be safer where I'm at how do you feel right this minute with me, good?

Okay, there's. Nothing wrong with feeling afraid about going forward, especially when so much of your life has and watch I'll, be careful or not getting what you need. How is. Your body feeling right now, a little tense, a little tense, where is that tension times right here? Okay, okay.

Could you just breathe a little? And let yourself see what it feels like? Because I know, this is a moment where there's a piece of you inside that would like to change, but needs to have a lot of help in going ahead, what's happening to your back as you do that.

It feels a little better. Okay, I want you to know something about me change goes on all the time I, don't want to force anything. But one of the things I see is that, because of what you learn is a little child, there's so much of you yet, it hasn't been opened up to you, I don't want to push it, but I would like you to know that it's there, and that if you're willing we can join together to see what can happen. How is that for you that's?

Good, yeah.

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