Supercharged K Wagon : Wiring Nightmare | Fixed Hydro Conversion

All right guys, um, haven't, really, uh posted lately on the car. The dash is back out. And we've been battling a shortage issue somewhere and uh, this wasn't from something that I've done, um, the shortage had already uh happened prior to the swap that's. Why?

My brother hadn't driven it in a few months or a month before I did the swap, um, I thought it was something simple. Um. The problem is, I am not seemed to be getting any power to the main relay in which it is not giving power to the ecu.

And then not. Giving power to the uh fuel pump to kick on. Um, a few weeks ago, I bypassed the main relay and jumped the wires for uh, powered ecu to fuel pump, whatever and the car turned on it sounded good. Everything was cherry, but then it started smoking. And I fried a ground wire. I don't know if you can see it right there fully exposed, um.

So still battling that I removed the whole alarm system here, uh to eliminate that process or eliminate that headache, uh from this cluster, , right here at the bottom. Um, but I'm going to be working with the clutch, you can see here. It is mounted upside down. And you can see why I did that it's going to be hitting the uh, what you might call if it's going to be hitting up here if I was to flip it. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to flip it back I'm going to cut that top portion, right there. I got the new rye wire brake line or clutch line.

And I got, I got the nylon braided hose so not going to eliminate this rubber one and um. So yeah, that's. What I'm going to be doing today. Or at least until the sun goes down, but um, such a headache. So here's the round wire, um, clutch line.

And my invoice. This is for a b series. This is about 55 inches long. He told me the fittings were the same. So radiator is going to come back out they're, not clamped on yet, um I'm going to pull the radiator out.

So I can access the uh and fitting down there, screw this into place. Now the reason why I got the b series one is because of the length because I think these were all pre-made. I don't think you can. Order a custom length, because it doesn't give you the option, but that should be long enough to go inside it's going to be on the banjo fitting.

And then this is going to come up to the front here going to go in there. I like this line because it's nice and stealthy, but um, I went ahead and drained this into the transmission container. And then so I'm going to shoot some brake cleaner in there to pressurize the rest of the fluid or whatever is in their out of the reservoir, and then I'm going to stick that. Uh, Honda container to the um. What is it the inlet of the master and pump that out of the cylinder?

So I can pull the line off. So that should be enough to drain the rest of it out. And then you see here, okay, so that should be good that's, a napkin in here.

Um I'm going to go ahead. And I made a mistake. I have already taken off the goddamn bolt.

So when I pump that that shit's going to move back and forth, so I'm going to put this back on pump it out and uh, pull the line off. Okay. So dash 4 line is in place.

Um, this is a banjo type, uh, end hose, so it's banjoed in place. If that makes any sense, um with the bracket position. This hose was actually hitting the top portion of the firewall right here. And I took a half inch extension, put it right? There, whacked it a few times with my 16 ounce, and that pushed this section back a little. So now the reservoir or the start, the slave is flushed to the brackets. The hose is now cleared.

And I can actually just bolt everything back in this one easier than expected. Banjo clears, right here on the top should have at least tried this before I even put this in the first time, but the dash had to come off anyway. So it makes it a lot easier for me to kind of just do this.

Um, the only thing I'm worried about is this line, um, the barb on the slate on the master is, uh, pointing straight up. And this hose is not dummy flexible, but I'm afraid that another way I'm going to be routing it. It may still sit too or kind of high like so, or something like that, when I bolt it in. Place it's going to be sitting where is it at like right there, so it's going to be about right here about this area here being the highest point of this hose, and I'm, hoping the reservoir sits higher. Well, I can already see it. It does sit higher for sure all right. So dash three line is in place.

Here. You got the master, flipped bolted down, uh, rye wire, um banjo. Style line is in place. The dash three is here in place, there's, no kinks in the line.

Um, I probably have to move the fuse box out of the. Way, but I think I'm going to be pumping it by hand, not clutch stock pressure plate, I think, so it shouldn't be hard to pump by hand. Um, I've got this, uh, water bottle with a hose in it on the bleeder valve I'm going to crack that open a little here because this is a one-man job at the moment. I did it in my wagon by myself. So I shouldn't have any issues. I don't think I'm just going to leave it open and just keep bleeding it until all the air comes out. Go ahead and fill this up check for leaks.

Your. Unusual thing so far have not, I didn't want to tie up the hose up on the reservoir too much because it's plastic, um, I don't want to break that , but so I'm going to go ahead and just pump it up on here. So this process is going to take forever actually I'm going to close the valve pump. It all up in there first. And then actually air is coming out of it.

So it's working. So this is how I'm doing it jerking off the pedal right let that bar in place come over here. Watch all that bubble come out.

Well, There's, no more bubble codes, there's, no more bubble, because I already bled it like 20 million times, but you can hear the pedal drop. I don't know if the camera picked it up, but the pedal is getting a lot. Better it's, definitely got pressure, there's, no leaks, no leaks up here. Oh, yeah, pedals feeling.

Good. Oh, shaking away. So as far as I can see, there's seems to be a lot of bubbles in there. It just turned all white god. Damn, it always keeps this full such a workout I'm going to go ahead and finish. Pumping this and then uh show, you finally results all right. So hopefully that moved because I couldn't see it.

I just closed the cap if I ever need to bleed it, again, it's pretty accessible because it's a half course, so I can always reach around the half court to get to it. Um. So, yeah, we put the radiator and stuff back in put the bolts, uh, put the clamps on here, get that radiator in place get the t-bar. Then now I can finally put the bumper back on after a wire after I wire up the fan because obviously. These two are different, and then that should clear up some space over there, actually so yeah, so I don't, you guys noticed for all those you're commenting about, I upload one video, and then I disappear. Okay and it's , 9 30, right now.

And you know, I work full days, come home, pass out. I wake up, and I try to force myself to get into the garage to do something today. I did the clutch line, and it's 100 fully functional now, and I'm glad for that happy for that. But this shows you it is late at night and uh, You know, I still got to clean up, I try to render and all that , and it becomes late. And uh, I've been I've just been pushing everything off to the side to catch up on my sleep and uh, take a little break from uploading the videos and stuff because it really does take a lot of time and energy for myself.

So I'm gonna ground this wire here. This is on continuity. That's ground is ground valve cover. This is also ground, which goes to eight pins. Okay. The fuse is popped. You can see it's full it's red.

Over there, I'm going to change the fuse okay. So I'm going to disconnect the valve cover right here. I changed the fuse it's going to be on voltage key is in on position. And now voltage is reading almost 12 volts 12 volts. So there's power that is shorted into this wire here. And then if I was to put it onto this wire, it blows the fuse out because this is ground. So this is all power ground.

Well, guys, it is Saturday and um start recording kind of late here. You can see the sky is not that bright. But anyway, so I have not been recording anything because I mean, the majority of the engine bay is done right? So I got the bumper back on radiators in place, hoses and everything down. There is all fixed in place fan is wired up, um. But yeah, so I have not been recording anything. Obviously after fixing the uh, hydroquinone version in the car, the dashes were still off.

And the reason why the dash was off is that I had a lot of wiring issues that I've been, uh battling this last couple. I want to say. Days, I would say at least like almost two weeks, um. So my issue I was having, I know, it's kind of dark, because the light is really not shining over here because the hood's on, oh open.

So the issue I was having was when the key was in the on position, the checking light wouldn't come on. And with the check engine light not coming on obviously that's already. The first issue, right. So I'm battling this wiring issue and using the volt meter over there, trying to trace wires and find out why it's not. Working the wire is fine, uh, it has the know, correct reading as far as like ohms and stuff like that.

But the light bulb everything to the cluster is good. The wire to the cluster is good for the check engine light and all that. Um, honestly, I didn't know where to start main relay is not getting power is not getting to ecu. Ecu is not triggering the main relay to the fuel for the fuel to kick on. So after a long time of battling this wiring issue, I finally just went ahead and. Contact Carlos from CJS wiring, uh, which is the guy.

I bought all my harnesses from I'll link, um his website in the description below, if you guys are looking for any custom harnesses and uh, jumpers and all kind of other, like, you know, uh, cluster, conversion harnesses and stuff like that. Push starts anyway, um. So after speaking to him and then trying to figure out, um, things like this. This is so dark right now. This is a block off. You know, in a distribution block kind of thing.

And the issue I was. Having was when I turned the car on I'll, send you I'll, I'll, put an image of it, but it's kind of dark right now. But uh, this there's a wire right here. You can see right here in my finger, and I apologize for being so dark, that's, a fried wire when the key was in on position, it blew a ton of fuses, and then it, uh, it fries that wire, um, actually, let me turn it around here. You can see this wire here is fried right? So I change all the fuses and stuff like that pull the ecu off and still being in contact. Uh, Through texts, uh with Carlos to try and diagnose this issue.

And the issue I was having was this wire here and all these grays are all ground. You can see right here. This one is snipped. This is the ground that goes to the valve cover right? This goes to the valve cover and uh, this wire has like continuity or not continuity.

It had voltage through it, 11 12 voltage, and it's, not supposed to because that's ground right? So my brother went ahead and cut it when I was at work, and it stopped blowing. Fuses, but then again, the car still didn't have the checking light on and stuff like that. So I checked everything one of these wires with this cap off because this is where the distribution. Uh happens.

This cap comes off right here. And every single one of these wires had power now that's, 100, incorrect, right and, um, not, you know, I'm, not bashing anybody here. Uh, this is all great quality stuff. Sometimes when you just have a ton of order to get out you're, a one-man soldier, small, small stuff like this. Happens, and he told me to return the harness, I didn't want to return the harness because the supercharger had to come out, and it's just too much of a headache, just because the wiring go under the supercharger. So he spent his time to sit here and help me diagnose this with everything in place and trace all these wires.

And so today, finally, I was able to well. I sent him a ton of pictures of all the plugs and all the ends. So he can trace all the wires for his diagrams and make sure these pins are. All in the correct home, everything here was correct up until here you see these wires are here. This is, uh. This is black this one right here is black yellow.

These two are switched. I think they're ignition or power or ground, some like that I'm not going to get into details. But these two wires were switched causing this wire, which goes with this guy to have power then distribute to these guys to have power. So I switch them around put the new fuses in put a new battery, fuse in I got chickens. Like, oh, wait sorry, this is disconnected. Here, put the phone down real quick. Now, I'm going to have to solder these back together now that they're, uh, the problem is now I know now, sorry, I'm going to have to solder these wires back since now.

The issue has been solved so that's ground to the valve cover. Now I got check engine light. Now, the car turns on okay. So I spent pretty much just the rest of my day today to clean the interior of the car. You can see here the floor is all clean wires all nicely. Tucked and uh, you know, setting at their homes, um pedal feels good here feels a lot better than before still don't have any leaks showing here.

So we seem to be golden. There breaks gas, uh, my hybrid ass, daughter, body with custom, uh, butterfly valve seems to be working really well, um. So tomorrow I'm going to have to wire up the uh plug for the windshield wiper motor and then reinstall the dashboard and pretty much everything attaching to that. I threw everything else in the back seat. So I can sort it out. Tomorrow to see what's needed and what's, not throw me in the storage bin or toss them, but I'm going to cut this uh progress tonight because it's getting late.

I haven't eaten, I haven't eaten anything all day, um, I will continue it tomorrow. So, uh, I can add more to this video just because, um today was more of a diagnostic day that I did not want to record. So yeah, carry it on to tomorrow. . You.

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