Stephan Chambers & Jim Demartini | 2018 Skoll Awards For Social Entrepreneurship | Skollwf 2018

Hello, again, um I am NOT Sally, Osbert, Nora, my Stephan chambers and diligent students of program will have spotted that we're not supposed to be here. We've stolen five minutes of this evening to say, a couple of things about the evenings host Sally, Osbert, Sally spends her time honoring others, deflecting praise and attention. And we've snuck out here to change that. And to say why we think she's amazing, and we decided that what Sally really, really needed was men with matching hair, telling her stuff.

She already knows, so Sally is a remarkable host of this incredible event. And you've known her for a long time. Some of you have known her for as long as I have and there's a lot of talk in our world about changing the world, but I just want to say a few things about how Sally has changed the world, 15 years of this forum, a hundred and six skull, awardees, thousands of people working in this system at this forum, millions of people whose lives have been changed. I could go on I could go on and list. The. Numerous ways in which she is extraordinary professionally. But instead I'm going to list a few reasons why I think I love Sally, I, love, Sally because I know, smart people who can't get it right?

Emotionally and I know, emotional people who can't get it right? Rationally, I, don't know, very many people who are as emotionally attuned and as smart and whose judgment I value as much as I valued, Sally's, I, I, love her for her fierce. Compassion, I love her. Even though she once moved my notes from that podium. Over there and I walked out to find absolutely nothing, except all of you in front of me and me supposed to be making sense, I love her, because she knows how to laugh and why to cry, I know, these things about Sally and I now risk becoming excessively emotional. And this is by the way what we look like in this country when we're excessively emotional. So, thank you, Sally, I, love, you, and I'm going to hand over now to one of Jeff and Sally's closest friends foundation, board member and possessor of very.

Very fine hair, Jim, Lee, martini, well, better that we have the hair. We do they're, not I'm honored to be here tonight, representing Jeff, the Foundation Board. And the Jeff Skill group family of organizations of which there are many. And my first responsibility is to read to you a letter from Jeff a letter by the way he was editing last night.

So if I get a word wrong here there, and you'll know why? And it says, dear, friends, greetings to all of you in Oxford I'm sad that I cannot be with you, but it has. Serious back surgery last week, and I've added to the metal collection in my back one day, some future tomb, raider will stumble across. What is left of me and make a fortune. Titanium is the new gold. This is the first Skill World Forum that I have missed, and I'm doubly sad as this is.

The final forum was Sally at the helm I hope you would agree with me that sally has done an incredible job at the forum all these years. And it is hard to imagine this forum without her, I recall when Sally agreed to. Become the leader of the skull foundation in 2001, who knew what these past 17 years would bring Sally started with what was then called the skull Community Fund. A donor advised fund housed at the Community Foundation, Silicon, Valley Sally had a giant staff of one person, Christina Soon, who were all happy to tell you is still with us.

One of the first things sally did was take me to meet her mentor John, Gardner, the man who had introduced the Great Society programs in America when he served under. President, Lyndon, Johnson I asked John what he felt we could do and John said, quote, bet on good people doing good things, close quote, we took that as our marching orders and eventually decided that good people doing good. Things was a very apt description of the nascent field of social entrepreneurship. We worked with our team in our early board and emerged with a new name, the skull foundation and a new mission with social entrepreneurship at its core. Since then sally has been an unstoppable driving. Force in the world of social change as well as an incredible partner to me as I began my road into philanthropy. What is sally accomplished all of you for starters?

She helped build a community that punches above its weight and puts the entrepreneur into social entrepreneurship, Sally walks fast. She really walks fast by the way she credits her father, a New Yorker for encouraging a brisk pace, no waste to time. Sally is impatient for social change. She sees out there on the horizon. Not only to sell a.

Walk fast, but she also sings loud over the years sally. And I have adopted imagine as our go-to karaoke song sung together at pub nights here in oxford, imagine is the perfect soundtrack for Sally's leadership of the skull foundation. She imagined a world few could a world that would systematically recognize lift, connect and celebrate social. Entrepreneurs I could go on and on as Sally's contributions are vast, but time is precious, and I promised Ellie I would not embarrass her by going overboard.

Too much, but let me say clearly, I'm, deeply grateful to have had Sally as a pillar for good in my life. All this year, social entrepreneurship would simply not be the same without her tireless devotion to improving the lives of the vulnerable, her ability to imagine and act has served us all remarkably. Well, Don Henley who co-wrote Hotel California was at last year's forum as many of you know. And as he says in that song quote, you can check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave close, quote, I. Really like that song, by the way Sally may be preparing to check out as the CEO of the skull foundation, but as our friend and treasured member of this community, she is thankfully, not going very far with all that is going on in the world today.

We need to strengthen all bonds and forge no one's. Titanium may be the new gold, but Sally is stronger and more precious than either one of them much-loved Jeff. And so I, just like to add a couple of brief comments to that.

When you think about John, Gardner's. Advice of betting on people doing good things, it's clear that the Foundation's very first bet on good people doing good things was Sally. And when you think back on the last 17 years of amazing accomplishments under Sally's leadership, clearly, they followed John Gardner's advice to the letter on a personal level, I'm deeply grateful to Sally and treasure the partnership that we've had for 17 or 18 years and the friendship that we have and is going to continue a long time on into the future. She's.Very, very special to me as you all know, Sally's favorite salutation. Whenever you get a letter email, whatever it happens to be is the word on word. So in true, Sally fashion, I, scoured, the internet, looking for some appropriate and clever quote that I could use here today, and it's hard by the way didn't really find anything that was very good. But then I thought about it for a while and I thought when you think about Sally, and you think about proximity, which is the theme for this year's goal world.

Forum I, didn't need to look on the Internet. What I needed to do was look at John Lennon's refrain in the song. Imagine. And what that refrain says is, you may say, I'm a dreamer, but I'm, not the only one I hope someday you'll join us.

And the world will be as one does that not describe Sally. We all love you. We. Thank you for your vision, your leadership and your friendship, and we're so happy that you're going to remain proximate and continue to be a guiding light for our community Sally. Can you? Join us now on stage, we won't help we're. Now going to take a couple minute break for Sully's it's, not in the program, either don't leave your seats, it's hard to be thanked when it's I who wants to do the.

Thank you to Jeff for trusting me. All those years ago, just Stefan who's been my partner in crime. All these years Jim, who has always been there to my daughter cherishes here who our wonderful team with the skull foundation to all our partners to our wonderful community of people who are building a. Better world I also want to thank John Lennon. So I, wasn't Beatles fan went to my first concert at 13 I think that's about right that's. What I did, and it is that it is that world. Thank you.

Thank you. Good.

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