Srs Airbag Light On And Seat Belt Pretensioner Dtc Code? By

All right, we have a problem everybody. Our issue is that the airbag light is on, uh, okay. So what we need to do is figure out what the issue is and um and fix it.

This particular device is the launch a lot of shops love to use it, just because it's affordable, and it's, um cheaper than the maxi says, which we also have a maxis as well and okay. So here we've located the uh menu, and we're going into the SRS system here to try to figure out what is happening. And I know, sometimes it can get frustrating. Because you feel like you got everything connected everything plugged in. And so on of the fastest and easiest ways of figuring that out is actually using a scan tool, a diagnostic tool, just like this, one almost all the diagnostic machines have now a Bluetooth connected device into the obd2 port. So that means you can, you know, wirelessly scan your vehicle. So we've got it to the read fault menu.

So that's, what we're going to do is read fault, uh, okay. And so what's happening. We have front passenger. Pre-Tensioner circuit resistance above threshold. Front driver seal seat, track position, sensor circuit open all right, so I'm, not quite sure what that means. So typically what I do is I start with the one that I do know what it is right?

And so then we start to knock out these codes. So front passenger seatbelt, pretensioner is actually this guy right here. Okay. So the first thing that I do is I check the plugs to make sure they're plugged in right? So let me do that right now, uh, yes.

So here I am I'm. Looking at it and looks like the technician who worked on, it did not plug in the plug all the way in. So it looks like it's plugged in, but it's, actually, not plugged in all the way. So let me show you what it's supposed to look like here. It is it's actually plugged in all the way now I'm going to secure it to the seat and res can it and see what happens. Okay, well, let's, uh, read the fault codes again and let's.

Okay, so what happened was it changed to pending? So let me do this. Let me go ahead and clear. Fault memory and see, uh, it's asking you are you sure? Yes, we are definitely sure we're ready to get this thing fixed. Uh, let's, go back to read fall, code, boom, no fault code.

So that was our issue. The technician did not plug in the plug all the way in and voil, the see the airbag light is off, we're ready to call the customer. And let them know, hey, your van is ready, come and pick it up. So sometimes you're thinking, okay, where do I get my car scanned?

I have the airbag light on. I have the abs what do. I do is the dealership my only option and yeah, you have the dealership where you can go to get your car scanned. You can also go to any independent shop, and most of them will have a diagnostic machine similar to this.

So just a few options and uh, many times just to scan your vehicle is very affordable. So that's an easy way to figure out what's wrong with the vehicle. Thanks for watching.

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