Sml Movie: Baby Shrek [Reaction]

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You are not going. To regret it, and you put it down in the comment section as well and also description down below has all my social media links to all platforms. So if you rock me here, make sure you rock me everywhere else, I would greatly appreciate that and that's, no cap. Hey man, we are here for one reason. One reason only we got SML movie baby shrink. Now I don't know if this is going to be Shrek's baby, or if this is going to be Shrek as a baby.

But we about to find out man. We going to do less soccer more reacting. Let's dive right into this mop video let's, go, oh donkey. This is the life right here, eating Sara lee cheesecake for breakfast lunch and dinner just living it up the life. Right? I feel this because I'm like this when it comes to apple pies, bro, um. Now that it's thanksgiving week, bro, apple pies are all in my diet on a daily basis, bro and that's, no cap, but oh, sweet.

Baby, Jesus that rumble was horrible. Oh, I need coke. I require it come here. Oh, something isn't right here. Do you think my bowels don't tell me?

Shrek has the baby coming strike. Once you can go with it doesn't go in there don't go in there, what's wrong. What's wrong, Shrek what's wrong. The devils have possessed my bowels. What do you want me to do? Oh, this is a turd from hell.

What do you want you're making your doctor? You please don't? Get it doesn't? Get uh. Okay. I'll get your doctor. Okay, oh.

Okay. Oh, god, I'll. Be back I'll, be right back? Okay, wait what if I'm not here when you get back the toilet has taken my soul? Okay? And you can have my.

Cheesecake okay, okay. Well help me with your doctor. Okay, all right? Oh, okay. Oh, oh, oh, oh don't get.

This is a is a pain I've never felt before you're good my body. Oh, it feels like it feels like all my intestines are about to exit out. My but thole that's, not good. Oh, I've got nothing to hold onto. Oh, I think it's over how the did Shrek get pregnant who's.

The mom or does that make Shrek the mom or sh, my mind is getting right now. What is that? Noise?

That's your baby, trying to talk to me, no that's, your. Baby talking crap, oh I have to look, oh, oh, oh god, oh donkey. What is this?

I can't be it can't be bro. I would not ever want it out of baby bro. If that ever happens to me bro all right?

I can't believe I had the baby I'm going to be a great daddy and mommy, oh I'm, both don't cry, baby. So he both the mommy Shrek is here. Doctor, doctor, he's in here, he's in here, um Shrek, where is he Mr Goodman was the doctor.

Okay, he's in here. Wait. So this is obviously before Brooklyn guy came into the picture. Huh? Shrek. Are you okay?

Are you? Okay, guess? What Mario what I had a baby?

What I know babies are going to want cheesecake milk, that's, not even possible. I know I was just taking the clap, and I was like, oh, and then there was, yes, I am a male we'll, see, there's, no scientific reason why a male would have a baby, not at all then why do you think he? Why do you think he had a baby? I have no clue, but I will research it for you.

Okay, how are you going to research it? I am I would like to take a piece of the baby's skin or hair. Or maybe even a urine sample, no, preferably blood. Well, doctor, you're, not touched my bear bag. Why whether or not right what what's wrong with you.

He just wants to touch my baby for his twisted pleasures, he's, a pedophile like he's, a make him go he's. A doctor, um, sorry, it's, just a standard medical procedure. It's, just a simple DNA test. My boy is trying to jump into conclusions. I don't want anybody touching my baby get out.

Both of you a very protective, overprotective parents track, yours, you know, it's. Okay, I don't know, what's wrong with them don't get what Shrek what do you want to come back here. I need to talk to you. What do you want? Shrek don't get I think it's time that you start helping out with the baby help me don't. You just told me to leave and plus it's, not my baby at all. It is your baby because you're practically the father.

How am I the father? He looks just like you Duncan? No. He looks just cat. Furthermore, he's short, he's, fat, and he's going bald.

Furthermore, he looks nothing like me. Furthermore, he looks just like you, I'm. Not the father and that doesn't make any sense. Okay, you know what I'm leaving I'm not helping you at all donkey you're, still going to have to pay child support. What Joshua is not my baby. Yes, it is Duncan.

No, no. I can't believe you would sit here and bad-mouth the family in front of the baby. He doesn't need this he's, too young, it's. Okay, dude, the bad. Daddy will leave now won't. You daddy, fly Shrek.

I'm just going to leave. I was going to help you a little with the baby, because I felt bad that you had some. Random baby in the toilet, but no, you could forget.

If I'm, not helping you at all because you're being crazy I'm, just leaving don't ever come for me for help anymore for real. You ain't gonna just put a baby on me like that. All this yelling's got you worked up. And I bet you're hungry for some cheesecake. Whoa. Let's. Go get some cheesecake with daddy.

Oh, I just love cheesecake I'm on my eighth piece, junior. How many pieces are you on junior? You have you better touch that first piece who wants to let me. Know all right junior open wide right now junior don't. Ignore me, don't ignore your daddy here comes the clap experience junior eat. Your cheesecake eat your cheesecake we're, trying to eat I'm going to get dessert, which is more cheesecake junior eat. It fine if you're not going to eat your cheesecake, then I will, so you're going to let your baby starve.

What are you doing, I just got me a new cow, yep, all right, go ahead and milk that cow picked up this whole , right here. Wait am. I'm seeing double shrimp. There's like a little miniature version of you right there. This show is because I have a baby.

Oh congratulations, right. He looks just like you and um like a bit like Mario in there, to that's. What I said, but Mario's like no, there is no little like Mario in that baby around eventually, I'll play with him a little all right. Come on you're a boy, the baby's having a good old time right now there he is nothing wrong with him with that. Um, there is something wrong with him. He doesn't eat cheesecake. Oh, well, what kind of cheesecake curry feed this right here?

Well, Shrek that that's, the problem it's too big. He needs pured cheesecake needs to be ground up in uh like liquid form. You know what? I mean, yeah, but I don't know I told you cheesecake, milk, stay, right here. Shrek I'll. Go get you something all right this? Right here.

Jello strawberry cheesecake, yeah, we're going to take some of it I'm going to lie to you all that jello look kind of good. I've never seen that before we're going to put it in this bottle. Right here and he's going to eat it up like a big old fella, yeah, a big old, fella, it's, actually, working woody he's eating his cheesecake bottles. Yeah, that's, right. I'm. A genius. I should have kids of my own well, if you need any more help, Shrek I'll be out to your home for some troubles, oh junior house.

You're going to have to change that diaper going to be exploding just like your belly speaking of being just like your daddy. We must take a crap together. Let's go. Here we go again, oh poop. Just like. Your daddy junior, oh yes, oh, oh, that was a that was a good one, oh junior.

We've eaten cheesecake together. We've taken the crab together. You've had a long. Okay junior. I made your crib all ready for you come on time to go night, tuck you in all right? Good night junior.

Oh, we forgot to say our prayer to the god of cheesecake, put your hands. The guy cheesecake for real all right, dear heavenly cheesecake. We would like to thank you for being so creamy and delicious. Thank you for giving me the.

Opportunity and blessing me with another me, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to terrorize and destroy every toilet in the world amen today. So tired, it's been a long exhausting day, oh, it's. A good thing.

I bought those, uh photon lights, oh that baby going to be screaming. He needs another bottle told you and a diaper shame, but he potty-trained junior please. But I was trying this way you're, quiet junior.

Please be quiet. That is charlie's asleep all right get down. I don't want to walk all the. Way around turn on the light, but let me turn the . It didn't work.

Oh, a good thing. I finally farted, oh, there was an odd number too. If it was even we'd still be in the dark, oh all right.

Let's, see what's. The matter I might want to check your pants. My boy junior. Oh you're, just like your daddy, come here. You time to go change your diaper. Ah, yes, all right. Baby time to change your diaper.

You got a big naughty. I can feel it. Oh, junior let's.

Get this diaper off of you're, not supposed to do that. Though let's get the diaper off of you junior. Oh, this is.

Oh, this is a naughty. This is huge naughty. Oh, junior look junior. This is a good junior just like your daddy, just like your daddy all right junior.

I got your new diaper. Oh daddy, stop. Oh, don't, kill, daddy for the ones that don't know, I got two boys man. I got two boys, which means I had to go through the stage twice when it comes to a baby peeing on you like this and that's, no cat. What is wrong with you all right? All right now just change the. Baby, diaper, he's already for bed.

Oh, I bet you feel better getting that ten thousand pound crap out of you. Oh, I forgot your uh, first, cut diaper for your scrapbook. All right? Do you have time to go back to bed you're, not supposed to smell me, you'll slip like a baby? Oh, you are a big baby. You are good not junior. Ah, time to go to sleep.

Oh, nice relaxed. I forgot to turn off the light, and I don't have to fart. Oh, daddy, can't form junior don't. Do that don't fart after fatty farts and turn off the light. Don't do it go to sleep? Can you imagine this happening bro when you have a baby?

Stop, it doesn't fight. Stop fighting. Finally, where's. The god, if I have to give up much better, daddy, and you have a little talk if you fart one more time, one more time I will beat you with your cheesecake don't, , oh, I think it's over no timer goes to sleep. Shrek trek, wake up, wake up, five more minutes, no strike completely. You have to wake up right now. Why don't care just wake up you have to wake up right now?

What. Happened what why what don't care just turn on the news right now you gotta see it? Why what happened just do it? Please breaking news. Oh don't, get waking me up at nine in the morning, who does this I'm surprised? You didn't, wake up junior.

Oh, breaking news. The cereal cheesecake factory has been cut, including their cheese steak products. This has led to people who have consumed the cheesecake to give birth or to poop out a clone of themselves. If you do not wish to keep your clone, you can give. It to the cereal cheesecake company, and they will dispose of your clone properly and humanely disposed. So it was the Sara lee. Cheese, kick that made me have junior.

No, that's. What I wanted to show you, nah, you better. Not you better be a proper, parent, no child support, no Shrek. It means that you can give junior to the Sara. Lee cheesecake factory, don't do that get rid of them like because there's the one that comes out, no, no Duncan. Why not no Mario get your no it's just a clone. I mean, you.

Don't, even love them, it's just a clone. We get rid of him, and then he's annoying. You don't get you don't understand we ate together it's, okay, Shrek. I mean, I'll eat cheesecake with you. No it's, not the same donkey, not even close. Listen.

I've had. I will take care of him for 18 years of his little life. That's my man, that's.

What I call a good pair he's mine, yeah. I don't expect a bald Italian to understand just leave me alone. Let me be with my junior, but are you sure that's? What you want to do. Shrek, yes, donkey it's my calling I must take care of junior he's, mine.

Okay, Shrek if that's what you want to do then fine. But I mean, if you ever want to get rid of them, the Sara lee cheesecake company will always take them back. I will never get rid of him. Okay. Okay. Well, that's.

My boy, Shrek fight donkey. Don't worry, junior I'll, take care of you until you're 18. Oh, this is so beautiful. 18 years later, already, what, oh we just sped up time like a mother, I can't believe junior's. Finally, leaving me time. Goes by so fast junior.

I got your bags. Ready? Oh. Thanks.

Dad. I was just taking a crack we should have seen. It was huge.

Well, that's. My boy, I raised you. Well, didn't, I, oh, yeah, you did. I can't believe my junior's finally going off to college, oh, wait.

Let me get your bag. I packed it for you and everything I put your favorite snack in there. Cheesecake all right.

Thanks. Dad. They all grow up so fast. I love you dad. I love you too soon. Bye.

Dan Shrek, you get the parent award, forget, what Mario says Mario tries. To get rid of everyone the end. This is so beautiful it's.

So beautiful, one thing I want to say is that they also have a series though right, yeah, episode one you all. Let me know if you guys want me to react to the series, I don't know how many episodes' episode two, yeah, you all, let me know man in the comment section if I should react to the series as well man. But hey, if you all made it this far, the mother video, I greatly appreciate it man, make sure you leave a like and comment make sure that bell is click. And check out my description down below until next time, you all I'm going to see you all next time, I'm out.

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