Simple Poll Bot Para Encuestas

Then and also counting, and we are in 1 Denver video today, I bring you a new tutorial for disks. First I am going to give that the bots. The pot is what I am going to add today to show you how it works.

And now we are going to go to the browser as I told the browser and the best ones fear that the description as I always do for all the votes that I teach them later. We give our two the disk because we want in this case after loading, you give harmful robots as always complete in the reCAPTCHA. And finish skipping a notification, a disk already on 2, and what we are going to do now is that once it has arrived. We are going to give it the robot first. And now it will teach them how they work put a bar all, and then put quotes and put, for example, what color is something for Toms later, if it's a mirror, you can put the question marks, obviously, when I think I'm, where I forget, close, the quotes, I close, the seeds, he said, And then we put, for example, 8 times, blue, put them. We space quotation.

Marks blue, we close quotation marks space. Another of quotation marks red, we close quotation marks again space. And so they can continue as many times as they want with all the colors in the other case, this is the internal and joy is created because my favorite color, and we wake up options 1 2, 3 and users can encrypt.

And we can, you can see how your surveys went this morning, and it's, very simple, and I think it's great that you don't have to go to the browser when you know it to be here. So it's. Said, all this is that's, why the whole video? Ah,

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