Silverware & Silver Service Collection Part I

I love silver and I, really love old silver I think I inherited my love for silver from my mother. She had me polishing silver. When I was just a little bitty girl, getting ready for a holiday meal like you to look over some of my silver and see if you have as much appreciation for the things that I've collected over the years as I did okay, let's. Look at my collection, I have some nice, big pieces of silver and I have some silver that's, probably kind of small and meaningless. But together I think it's.

A pretty awesome collection, I bought and sold a lot of silver and the pieces that I save here are things that have sentimental value, or they're, just so pretty that I couldn't part with them. So let's, look here. This is a set of Kirk beef silverware that I inherited from my mother-in-law.

This was her wedding silver, and it has all these great pieces with it, I thought, this is highly unusual. This is called an ice cream court and I. Guess you can have your cake and ice cream and eat them. Both with this. Piece if you'll notice, every one of these pieces is hand, monogrammed. And when I had these appraised, the appraiser told me that each monogram because it was done so skillfully, each monogram, added seventeen dollars per piece to each of the pieces of silver, and it's, a huge set I also collect a lot of serving pieces as you'll see.

And these serving pieces I actually use on holidays or when I entertain, or when I just want to make a big impression. So and then I collect the souvenir spoons as well. Let.Me show you just a few of those some of them that are my favorites. I have one that has a little windmill on the handle.

And let me see where that one went. Well, let's get the windmill I'll find it in a second I have a little Dutch girl on one I have there's the little best girl you can see her, and then I have all kinds of interesting little spoons. A lot of them have a date, two names on them. This one's got a little rooster on it and here's one with a little angel and I display these in a glass. Fronted cabinet, so they don't tarnish so quickly and so them have very, very intricate work on them. This one is a Rolex commemorative. See, it says has the word Rolex on it and has a little symbol on it.

So I kind of found my windmill I just saw it when I was putting them out. And anyway, these are all here. I. Guess, we just in the little windmill turns around, and then some of them as I said, have the name of the places. For example, this one says, Chicago, Illinois on it, and it's got a Native American face. On it, and you can see it's the bronze color of the face very intricate.

So I have lots of commemorative spoons. Then also I have a set of sterling silver that is very old. And this predated the time when teaspoons came with the with sterling flatware. And so these are the sterling handles. And the blades are not sterling, but the handles are, and of course, there are the forks. And then the person who had these gave me at the same time, these sterling silver spoons here that went with him and I thought.

I had six of them I may have one in another collection, but there were six, and they all have the same family's monogram on them. This is another group of spoons that I collect and kind of keep separate I. Keep them in my china cabinet in this spoon, holder and there's, lots of them, and they're.

The can't go over every single one, but there's, some pretty neat spoons. One of the things back in the olden days, ladies used to receive spoons as gifts, and they would have their name engraved on them. So I've. Got Clara I've got Bessie there's, a couple of Betsy's there. And then some with just an initial on them.

You see they would put their initials. And some of these are also souvenir spoons as well. This one, if you'll notice on the back of it, it has 1914 engraved on it, and then it's got the initial D and I.

Just think these are charming. And as I said, I bought and so a lot of silver and a lot of spoons, but I love these, and I've. Whenever I saw one that really, and where do you buy?

You say, you bought and. Sold watch what it where'd you. Well, I have a dealer who buys a lot of silver from me and I just scour whenever I'm in a thrift store, or in a yard sale, I'm always looking for a spoon, a lot of times people don't even realize that what they have in their pile of spoons is sterling and here's, the more with names on them. This one is a commemorative.

It says, it's got very small print this, but the word Louisiana and I believe, this was a big souvenir that tourists used to take home long ago and you now. Look at these. These are this one actually notice on this one, the bowl of the spoon has an engraved building on it. And it says, Rice, Lake, Wisconsin, and I'm sure that some famous building from Rice Lake Wisconsin, and that one doesn't have a year on it. This one some place in Illinois, and they're just beautiful.

The workmanship is amazing. You said, a moment ago that some people might not even know the difference and not know, they're valuable that's why you could find them in a thrift store or such. Can you elaborate on what you mean by not knowing the difference? Well, you always see X on the back of the spoon somewhere, they will say either the word sterling or they'll have the number 9 to 5 and 9 to 5 is the definition of the amount of the purity of the silver.

So 95 is what defines sterling I hear the term plated a lot. What does that mean? Well I do have some beautiful silver plate items that I have collected just because they're so lovely, but I don't, count them as anything of having. Any value and let me just show you a couple of silver plate items that I have bought you'll see written on the back of a spoon, or some kind of surreal say, pens, and that means electroplate nickel silver. So that just means they're, plated and here's. The real pretty item for this.

Something I inherited from my grandmother and I, just love it. And this is a butter knife. But it is not sterling there's. No 95 on the back of it here's, a pretty ladle again, it's beautiful. The workmanship is lovely, but. It's, not sterling and here's one with this actually engraved, but it's, not sterling.

This was his 1847. Rogers has a dead giveaway that it's plated I. See you reached over off of the table to get your examples of plated silver, does that mean that every single piece on the table here that we're seeing is sterling silver. Everything is sterling silver. Now, for example, here is an old carving set and the fourth part is not sterling. But the handle is sterling so I have pieces.

Why would that be? Because. It maybe goes into the fire. Well, just you wouldn't want to view the sterling silver end like for example, on knives, generally a knife won't have nowadays they only come. It is famous so, and I have a nice collection of ice tea, spoon and I have several I have there's actually parts of three sets here, there's, two sets and then a couple of odds and ends. And these are kind of interesting because as well as being a spoon to stir with they're also a straw, and you can suck up your beverage with that.

And. Here's the pleasant sterling silver tea ball, you can put loose tea leaves in there, and then just steep your tea and I have actually used this and I have some very beautiful candlesticks. Here, they're they're, not very heavy they're, not really thick, but they're they're, just beautiful and elegant. And you can see the detail work it's done here just beautiful and also detail work here, and they make a beautiful setting for Thanksgiving or Christmas table. And this is one of my silver bud vases I had three.

Of these, but I think perhaps a couple of months on their way into my daughter's china cabinet. This is another thing I'd like to point out I just love these. These are mother-of-pearl handled fruit. Knives I have an entire set, and then I have a couple of the little Forks as well and a serving piece and little cheese knife. And so I have quite a few of these down here on the table, how much would that increase the value of that silver set I've never bought or sold. These I just have found them and.

Collected and loved them, so I'm, not real sure about the value, just the fact that they're old, and they're lovely, and its real mother-of-pearl. Just it just makes me happy. And as well as some ornate pieces, I have thumbs that are kind of considered art deco more of a Craftsman style and I have another spoon over here that I wanted to refer to along this line and see how this is not the like the Victorian look it's more of a more modern feel to if it's got the flat silver, just beautiful Oh. George Jensen that's that too.

It is he's a very famous silversmith. So I have several pieces by him. How this piece you had asked me about earlier when we were having our production meeting, this is a sugar shell.

And this would typically be used to dispense over or dispense sugar, or you could pick up sugar cubes with it. And along that same line, I have a lot of little poems that I've collected as well. And some of them are just lovely this one in particular look at the bird claw. And then course. That's, you would dip into a sugar bowl and pick up your little sugar cube, and I've done, ladies teas before ye. This kind of items with sugar, cubes, very elegant, and I know, a lot of people who collect silver think that bullion is the only thing that it's worth collecting, but I enjoyed these for the value.

And the collectability of them. I also use them on a daily basis. I want to show you some of my big serving pieces before you go. There can I ask you a question about the bullion comment you just.

Made, yeah, do you do you shy away from collecting bullion? Do not recommend collecting bullion I have another video planned to show some of the bullion that I have I collect mostly coins, however, I'm starting to be interested in bars and rounds. So, but these are very weighty pieces. Here I will show, you lovely, lovely certain pieces. Look at that. That's just lovely.

You can do some damage with that. Now, this is probably my favorite piece in my entire collection. It was handmade and it's a Tom's. And it's got the flat tongue on the bottom where, and then you can come down, but look at that bird claw. And this is a very ornate that was hand-pounded.

And then all the very ornate ends of it sterling silver more beautiful, tongs. This one is more in a floral again. This is the hand-pounded design on it and that's actually done by putting this broker over a design and hammering it.

And then the ever-popular seashell pattern.

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