Lesson Planner - Renweb Integration Overview

During this video segment I will show you the integration that exists between our lesson planner and Men web itself. However, before I do that I want to talk a bit more about the difference between the Men web lesson planner, which is part of the Men web student management system. And the curriculum track lesson planner, which is part of curriculum track. The lesson planner within Men web is included as their base fee and is a very simple and easy to use lesson planning tool. So if your primary purpose. Is to help teachers just organize, which lesson is taught when and to maybe communicate back with parents about homework and assignments.

You may want to consider just using Men webs lesson planner, whereas curriculum tracks lesson planner is much more robust. It allows you to create a lesson attach it to a unit and pull the unit content down into your lesson. So in other words, if you have your benchmarks attached to a unit, you can specify which benchmark iMacs or benchmarks I'm going to address in. This daily lesson, it also allows you to teach directly from it itself. You can put in lots of detail in your lesson plans.

So you can actually use your mobile phone or an iPad or your computer or print out a hard copy of your actual lesson plan and teach from it, because it can have all the details for your daily lesson built, right within it. It also has some really nice tools for moving lessons around carrying them over from year to year. And the final thing that I want to mention is the reporting.

Feature within the curriculum track lesson planner is fairly robust, allows administrators and teachers to see progress with their lesson plans, be able to look at lesson plans from all different views and see the lesson plans on multiple teachers simultaneously. One thing also to mention the curriculum tract lesson planner is there is an extra fee for that it's fairly inexpensive. But there is a fee. So if you go to curriculum tract comm go to features go to lesson planner scroll down, notice. For instance, if you're a school 350 kids, it would cost you three hundred dollars a year to use this tool. We've made it very affordable that way if not all your teachers want to use if it's still very affordable for a school. So let's go to Victory Christian school.

What I'd like to do is show you a little about the lesson planner. And as far as adding in lesson plans itself, teachers have their own lessons database, and so I'm logged in as Jennifer Miller and I can go to math too. And notice she. Has these are the lessons currently attached to this unit within curriculum track. But if I want to click all this will show all of her math lessons for the entire year. Now, obviously this didn't happen overnight. But the nice thing is once you develop your database of all your lessons they become available to you year after year, and it becomes very easy to attach it to the new year as far as adding in a brand-new lesson, you click, add lesson.

And if you choose the unit you want to attach that lesson. To you can specify the dates, these are the benchmarks that are attached to this unit. So if these are the benchmarks that are going to be attached or taught in this unit, on addition facts, maybe I'm going to be addressing this individual benchmark. Just today in this lesson, it also brings down your unit attachments. So if I want to actually use this particular attachment on this daily lesson, I can do that and so forth. And then you can also put in all your content for the lesson itself. These fields.

Here defined in the lesson plan template that you as a school can decide on or possibly individual school buildings and such, and you can put in lots of detail in your lessons. So if we go back to Jennifer Miller's lessons database, obviously we need to choose a class. Obviously she's put a lot of work into this.

Ours also has a weekly planner that's, very, very consistent with what you're used to seeing with a weekly planner with the old. Traditional lesson plan book that has Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday Friday across the top, and then all the different class sections on the left side. And notice you can put in those lessons, so I can see what's being taught during each of these lessons looks like on this day. I, put in a note that there was no lesson taught so that's kind of a nice planning tool to see what's being taught when. But we also have some really pleasant tools like this daily view. So if I'm going to go ahead and let's go to the 21st, it would list all my class sections and what I'm.

Teaching in those, and it has all the information here. So it becomes very easy for me to teach from this. If teachers want to teach from their mobile phone, as an example, I can make this much smaller to simulate what it might look like on a mobile phone.

So let's go here again and go to the weekly planner, or the daily view, I should say and let's go to the 21st pull that up. And it would show all the different class sections right now, I only have one in here, but it would show all those and a teacher. Can click on that caret to expand and contract and see all the information about the lesson notice here's, my attachments that I could open a video that I'm going to use and so forth. So it's all right within here. And as I mentioned there's, some pretty robust reporting going on some admin tools that allow administrators to see multiple weekly planners for all their teachers at the same time, just by moving from teacher to teacher and so forth.

Instead, letter make this a little smaller for you. So. You can see it on the video.

So now what I want to do though is I want to show you how this integrates with or with the Men web itself. So to do that I'm going to leave Victory Christian school and go into another school, I'm going to go into a school called Men web integration. So I know, not very original.

But so let's go to the weekly planner for this particular teacher, and it doesn't look like there's anything in here right now. So let's attach some lessons so let's say that Spanish culture is. Going to be taught regions around the world let's, add that lesson in oops, oh it's saying that these dates haven't been defined for this school. So let's, go ahead. And basically what that saying is the school year hasn't started yet for this school. So that's, okay, let's go here again and go to the weekly planner.

So let's go to next week. Let's say, our classes are going to start on the 21st and I can click this to attach lessons. So on Monday we're going to teach Spanish cultures and let's say that. That's a 2-day lesson, so we'll, add that to those two days, and what are the lessons will add that lesson as well?

And so now if I click go back, notice, it has those lessons added in if I wanted to maybe I don't want to show all this detail we'll just put the titles in here themselves. So what's going to happen. Then is tonight. These lessons are going to push into Men web, however, and by the way that takes place every night as long as you have your courses synced up with Men web, and it looks like. I do have this synced with Men web, if I want to turn that sync off I can do that, but that will happen tonight I, don't want to wait until then, so I'm going to click sync now. And what that just did is it pushed that content from curriculum track into Men web. So I'm logged in right now to parents web for this fictitious school.

So let's go to my classes and let's go to this second grade Spanish. And we can look at the lesson plans and let's go to next week, and notice that it pulled in Monday and. Tuesday and Wednesday, the content that I have entered in as well as the links and so forth. Likewise, if you have homework and assignments, it would pull that information, and it doesn't look like I actually had assignments pulled in, but that would pull in here as well. And basically what you can do within here is let's go back to the lessons again, lessons database and let's, just click Edit by one of these lessons you can specify out of these fields exactly which lessons you want to sync with Men. Webb and basically it becomes an administrative function, then, and we have another video that shows this in greater detail, but it becomes an administrative function in the setup, manage templates here's, our lesson plan field. And for each of loops, I did the unit plan fields.

Whoops let's go to the lesson plan fields for each of these fields, you can specify what it's going to attach to within Men web.

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