Land Survey : Rise And Fall Table Solution

Assalamu alaikum DRS myself silky. This section will provide details solution to arise in portable. Remember, the rice ball table can be used to determine the reduced level of points, which are taken its top rod using living machine before starting the solution I'll start by trying the rise in our table.

This table contained economic number backside, inter-site poor sight rise and fall there's. Why this table is known by rice our table, and then the end. And of course, remarks limit, Gaza Mural's like. In this palm one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. And of course, nine less. We have taken some readings, unloading stars like in this farm. The main purpose of solving this table is to calculate the RL of each point.

Remember? The PX height is always taken and benchmark. So the pastoral must be known as the Areola past point is known. So we need the Adela on these remaining points from two to nine to calculate the RL. AA are these points. We require, of course, the rise and fall of each point to calculate.

The rising column each point we start by subtracting, the intercepts from big sites like BS - is this will give us the rise and fall when the subtraction we do is positive. It means its rise when the subtraction we leave is negative. It means a spot like 1 point 1 2, 3 - 1 point, 3 2 1. This is, of course, just the part I'm, not putting the minus VD over here, because the column of file contains all the videos having -. And then we subtract the inter side from inter side. So 1 point, 3 2 1 - 2 point 3 point.1 this is of course also justified and then enter side - enter side like two point.

Three point one minus two point. Zero 1. This is, of course just arise. Because the video is just positive part 1 1 0. And lastly, the inter side - poor sight like to point to one minus one point three, but five, this is, of course also just arise here again. We are passing with to Excite. So they excite - inter side way behind our pal like 1.5 - 2 - 2 point 3 level 1.

This is, of course, this defile here again, I'm, not putting. The sign-up - because the pal column just contain all the videos having - and again, inter side - inter side with Vera's r5 like two point. Three one, one, minus two point double for - this is, of course, justified on 131. And again enter side - inter side like two point, four, four, two, minus one point eight at one will be just of course de rise, because the video is dispositive, four, five, six one.

And lastly, the inter side - poor sod will be riser a file like one point double eight, one, minus one point, nine. One one this is, of course just defined for one zero here when we have the rise in father, each point in the calculation of reduce level par are these remaining points is quite simple. Straightforward let's say, I need just the arena point to remember the new are. It must be the old RL minus de path, or it must be the old RL, plus the rise like the RL - de Anne will be just, of course, then URL like 100 - 1 1, 9 8 will be, of course, ninety-nine point zero two.

So ninety-nine point eight, oh two is just. The RL of point two here again, the next point is justified like ninety. Nine point eight, oh, two, minus point, seven nine or will be just, of course, ninety-nine point O 2.

So this is just the Allah point three. And again, if you see the next point is just the rise. So the new IRL must be the old RL, plus the rise like ninety. Nine point one, two plus point. One, oh, this is, of course, 99.1 double two.

And so on do the same for all these remaining points like ninety. Nine point one dollar, two, plus four. Four four sixes is, of course, ninety-nine point, five, six, eight and ninety-nine point, five, six, eight, minus point, seven eight time. It is, of course, ninety-eight point, seven, seven, nine, also this R - 1 1 3 1 is, of course. Ninety-eight point, six, four eight here again, we have the rise. So the old RN, plus the rise will be, of course. Ninety-nine point two, oh nine.

And again, we have the pal. So ninety-nine point two, oh nine. - 1 1 1 0 is, of course, ninety-nine point, four, nine, nine, hey, I, just spun guarding. The. Romar's the CP are the chain point.

And this is just the last ready now the calculation are the solution. Apprised part table is done, but I'm, not sure if the calculation is okay, or not are this approach. We do a little check. This is called the calculation. Check remember, there are always two types of calculation check for the result table.

One of these two chicks must despite the calculation, let me try the past one check in the password check summation of X height, minus summation of poor side, Must be equal to the last iron - the past I really like summation of big side. Remember, we have only two big sides to add on these two guys we get, of course, two point, six, four, five, minus summation of four sides. Four sides are also, of course - so air are these two guys must be equal to the nostril last Islands, just ninety-nine point or 99 - the past Tyrell is just, of course, 100 do some meds we'll get the calculation like in this palm. If you see both sides of the equation are not the same. It means. I should apply the second one check one of these two checks must satisfy the calculation.

Let me try the second one in this calculation, check summation arises, minus summation apart must be equal to the past Tyrell - the last Tyrell summation arises is just one point 1 1 7 and submission of PAL is just 2.0. And 8 the past are is 100 minus the last herons 99.99 - cements we'll get the calculation like in this palm, or you can see, of course, both sides of the equation are the same. It means the.

Calculation is okay, and this is it. So here in this section, we learned how to solve dries part able to obtain the reduced level of each point. And then we learned how to check the calculation if it's okay or not. Thank you guys for watching see you next time, I know, Salem.

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