Gta Online Hangar Cargo Sourcing #3

Tiger is welcome back their Grand Theft Auto online video, I. Am charger, you know, be resupplying, no, not resupplying, because you can't resupply. This place I'll be sourcing cargo for my hangar.

So here we go. Let's do a random one see what Ron wants me to do this time? Alright, guys.

So we'll be doing the dog fight against some Merryweather Jets. Oops, not what I wanted to do haha here we go all right so pretty much gotta fight these guys until one of them drops cargo, 20 minutes on timer. The way we go a. Real dogfight so I'm more favorite missions. So I won't recommend taking the vehicle they supply with because it does have unlimited ammo. In this case there they are all right we're here. Oh, got more inbound.

Go just want to make sure I didn't get into their firing range. See, where is this last one? So the supplies did drop, but I want to get rid of this one last guy before I land and try to get it. There is all right? You go get that hey, are ya? Yeah, there's all right?

Well, it's just going to be kind of. Hairy I guess, this is a good spot to land my little crap. Yet there is all right?

Where is my bike? There is and this is God all right. So nice thing about this. This mission to is I don't have to return with the vehicle to give you, but you can use anything you want. So we got something helicopters coming in.

This is my fighter jets for the missiles. These guys probably just have like machine guns or something Oh tough machine like I said, one of my more favorite ones, definitely recommend taking the jet. They give you fighter plane, I should say because it's, not really a jet like this I'm, unlimited ammo as far as the missiles are concerned. So I'll certainly recommend that, and I haven't done yet.

But suppose in the year you should be able to catch the supplies as they're falling midair. All right here we are. Yeah, we're just waited for Ron, and we'll wrap this one up. Alright, guys, that's it for this. One I. Am charger once again, please subscribe to my channel if you haven't done.

So yet more content is. Coming more videos like this, and like you sure you're subscribed, oh I said that already like and share this video, and I'll see you next time. Thanks for tuning in.

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