Covered Patio Ideas For Backyard (Should You Attach?)

Hey, everybody Micah outdoor, living guy, another Tuesday tip for you. I like this one a lot, and I think it's going to really help you because a lot of people the tip that they ask about is, where should I attach a cover structure to my house too? Now, what I want to recommend is don't, attach it do a detach, covered structure and that's. The tip today is when you're thinking about your outdoor space, you don't always have to attach it to your house.

Just do a detach covered structure. They serve as an. Amazing destination, you can have a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a bar like you're seeing here you can have a nice, detached, dining area, a beautiful fire. Pit we're.

Going to shoot a lot of b-roll right now for you. These are all over my website, but I'm going to show you some examples right here. Why detached see the pathway this outdoor room has along the kitchen window by being a detached structure. It gives more room to the kitchen and to furniture around the fireplace, adding light and brightness. It also. Allows the flow of foot traffic out the back door through the kitchen and to the other side of the bar and that's the benefit, a more wide open space, arts cape pavers and custom wood decking under the hot tub are the foundation in this outdoor space. The detached structure is right outside the sliding glass door with plenty of room for a double-sided fireplace grille kitchen with bar, cutting ring and hot tub perfect for family fun.

Most of the year from the top of the stairway, choose your. Destination is it a spa night, a quick game of mini golf or BBQ by the fire? Detach structures, draw you out into your landscape and who can resist this magnificent detached structure, Tuscan style, boasting flair and function, a large bar equipped kitchen and sprawling living room, make it one of our favorites. It resembles a mini Tuscan village with its kitchen amenities under the deck, a large, dining area and a compelling fire pit with seat walls bravo, or how about a cupboard structure over the swim. Spa and the kitchen bar island paired with a retractable awning over the dining area, it makes them a dynamic duo, nice work, covered structures. And these dog lover, homeowners fenced in the detached covered structure for their guests and built a dog run for their guests dogs to visit too right along with them. Pretty clever.

We all love spending time outdoors and having an outdoor covered structure to go out into is even better, especially for food, prep table games or shade seekers. And this amazing. Property boasts, an attached structure on the top level and a detached structure on the lower level at the bottom of the waterfall its beautiful design and aesthetic cause a few heavy size and motivating thoughts of someday as we finish up, the crme de la, crme outdoor structure.

Now the man of this house sleeps many a night in this outdoor living room. And why not it has all the amenities after all isn't that the point transitioning from indoors to out as if it's another one with a house we like. That what about you isn't, it's time for an attached cupboard structure of your own. If you have the right space for it, detached in my opinion is the best all right guys. Hope this little Tuesday tip helps, detach covered structures for your outdoor living space. Think about it and we'll talk to you soon don't, forget to like to don't, forget to subscribe, and we'll talk to you soon foreign.

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