Coping 1 Of 3: Selecting The Right Size And Type

What's up backyard rat builders, welcome to our first video in a three-part series on coping we're going to talk about what size you need, how to get the best reveal on the surface and on the deck and how to attach it, stay tuned. Okay. So assuming you have the skeleton of your ramp all built out, you ready by some coping, and you're wondering. What is the official definitive opinion on the best size?

If you haven't already heard if it's? What I'm holding in my hands right here as far as best practice. Goes professional park builders, ramp, builders, use this stuff to 3/8 outer diameter.

The reason for that is it's. You'd find on tricks Smith, grinds lock the rail on this stuff. No problem all day long. It gives you the right amount of surface area for let slides where your wheels aren't going to be scraping on the surface or on the deck. So for performance, this is recommended to be the best measurement. So when you got to buy if it's, probably going to be called two-inch nominal at least that's, what. It was here at the local steel shop or I, bought it.

A Z metals about $4 per linear foot, I would bring a ruler just in case or have the guy that's going to cut it for you take his calipers or as ruler and measure the outside diameter to confirm it's two and three eighths of an inch. Okay after that. Once you've established that outer diameter. What you want is to make sure the thickness of the wall is an eighth of an inch, which is scheduled 40 some DIY sites, online recommend schedule, 80 I think it's. Overkill it's, just heavier can be harder to drill through more expensive.

And there really aren't any additional advantages other than that. Those aren't even advantages. So we got a guide skates here, big buck gee about 220 pounds. And this guy's been annihilating our coping for almost a year now and there's, not a single dent in either side. So schedule, 40 has held up to big Mikey. And if it's strong enough for Big, Mike, G, it's, probably strong enough for 90% of skaters out there.

Last consideration is. The metal itself, this is black carbon steel or black pipes. And this is pretty much with all backyard. Ramp owners use there's, a harder, there are harder metals in this and stuffings and skate. Parks, I assume is of that nature, it's harder, because when you slide on it, you can, you can't really feel it when you grind on if it's there, but you don't feel it as much as this. This gives you a little of a growl kind of bite, and it's a little more porous and a little softer, but occasional scuff where it's.

Sticking with a scotch-brite pad and then hit it with a little of clear, enamel, salsa sauce, and you're good to go stuff slides and grinds, great it's, a good performer and to recap it's, two and 3/8. Outer diameter 1/8 inch, stick schedule, 40 black steel pipes, that's, the stuff in our next video we're going to talk about how to set this coping to get the best reveal, which is an inexact science, we're going to try to break it down and make it easy. You.

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