Borderlands 3 - How To Get Into The Mystery Arena - Ascension Bluff Boss Arena

Hey, guys, I want to show you an unsolved mystery on Borderlands 3. If you go to the map ascension, Bluff, there is an area that has not been uncovered. Now there may be some people that have uncovered this area, and we're able to gain access, but from what I understand the majority of the community does not know how to get in here.

Here is the map of ascension Bluff. And you can see what appears to be an arena type location that is still blocked out. If you go to that location, you can see two large doors. That have a red center gem on them here's, one of them right here.

This seems to be the entrance door because it's up higher and then there's another door to the right that's lower. That is probably the exit door from this arena. The doors look like they could belong to the meridians and could have something to do with them. But whatever it is it's definitely some kind of arena, and you can actually get into it and shout out to Mekkatorque. He figured out how to get in it, I'll show you guys what you. Have to do its pretty fun.

So you will need a vehicle for this, and you're going to want to use the cyclone, and you can use the mono wheel or the hover option. Then you're going to change the attachments to make it. A lot of lighter this one I have like all the lightest stuff on it, and I'm using the mono wheel because it's the fastest you want to come to the map right here and there's going to be a big rock that you can get up on. And you can use this as a ramp to rock it to yourself over into that arena.

You. Want to stay to the right and then hit the rocket boost about halfway and then aim towards this area. And if you do it, right, you should land in the mystery arena. So this is what it looks like here. There's, not a lot going on and there's, not a lot in here to really tell us what to expect just like on the other side, you can see the entrance door and exit door.

This is going to be the exit door. And then the entrance door is up higher. So that when you go through it, you drop into this arena and given. The fact that the entrance is a drop-down, then yeah, it's an indication that we're going to be fighting some kind of boss. Also, this arena is not very big. So that could be a sign that we're not going to be fighting anything, too super.

Huge. One thing I notice is there's. Absolutely no cover in here. You're exposed everywhere there's, really nothing to hide behind. So hopefully this boss isn't too intense to me.

It looks like it could be some type of creature boss arena, like a scag boss, or maybe even a rack. Boss there's, those kinds of enemies on this map. So that's, a possibility there's, the entrance door, right there showing the drop-down whenever you actually are able to open this door, I have some theories on how we access this, and I know, the community has tried a lot of things, and I've tried a lot of things I have done all the iridium markings like listen to all of those audios that didn't do anything I finished all the crew challenges, which was quite a bit. And obviously nothing's showed up to. Indicate how we get in this I've also done every single mission and played through one, including the side missions, and it's showing that I'm still missing like two missions. So I'm wondering if this is going to be part of that, but I cannot find these missions anywhere to pick up to start also I've completed all the proving grounds there's, six of them, and I've done all the objectives in each of them and still nothing.

The only other thing I can think of us. This is going to be a rare mission spawn that. Spawns randomly and obviously very rarely if you go to sanctuary, and you go to this room, and you look to the left there's going to be a blank wall here, and sometimes there's going to be a bounty board here, and sometimes not currently I have played through one completed, and I'm still in the play through one on normal mode. And all I've got is like that upper bar part of the wanted poster that would give you a bounty.

Sometimes you might come here and there's, nothing there it's a blank wall. And this is. Being shown inside play through 1, where the character just got to sanctuary and hasn't done anything past this right here is a shot of a character in true vault hunter mode with the first place through done. And now the bounty board has a poster hanging down, but there's, no hologram to show any bounty then here's a shot of two bounty boards, where one of them actually has a bounty it's kill into tyrant and I made a video about that. You can find this guy over there on flood more bass in this Into.

Tyrant is a rare boss spawn. So you could go over to the area and these there, and it takes like four or five different games before he shows up, and it's interesting that he has a bounty attached to him that you can actually collect. And it will show up here, but just don't know how to get it to show up here. What I'm understanding is that it's completely random and that's.

My guess for this mysterious arena on Ascension, Bluff, I think it could be some kind of bounty that you pick up, and it might. Randomly spawn here at some point, another possibility is that it could be a raid boss. It doesn't seem like the arena is large enough, but I have not seen anybody talk about a raid boss yet and the previous Borderlands all had them. And by raid bosses, I mean, like tear amorphous and also how to Roxy invincible also, there are a lot of var kids nearby. And maybe this is an area for a Versa Boris that might be a little too far-fetched, but I'm just trying to think of every possibility. But if you guys have.

Accessed this arena or have seen any bounty boards come up in your sanctuary area, please comment down below, and let us know, I'm, super curious, but I hope, this helped you guys out, and we'll see you next video.

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