Beach/ Ocean Breeze Shower Routine| Pamper Day Inspired| Shaving + Exfoliation + Post Shower Routine

Hey, guys, it's your girl Jan. If you are interested in seeing my beach scented shower routine, please keep watching okay. Guys. So this is how I start every single shower routine.

I have to drench my body in water. So it's easy for my soap to sod and lather, my rag properly, then I'm using the coast bar soap, which of course, has a very light sea breeze coast like scent that overall reminds me of the beach if you're a fan of fresh sea scented or light. But eminent scent, this would be a bar soap to consider. And of course, guys, it is affordable after shaving.

I like to use the ocean mist body scrub from body luxuries. It has a very light sea breeze kind of scent that is extremely nice for this kind of shower routine after rinsing. I went in with the Joyce plus sea mineral scent and the dove coconut with jasmine petal shower gels for my after shower, lingering fragrance, finally, I'm using the summer's, e, feminine wash. And of course, guys I'm going to need a little privacy. So I'll, see you guys in a bit?

Okay?. Guys so now that I'm out of the shower I'm going to use this bath and body works moonlight, path body cream. And it smells really, really neutral guys, nothing too like fancy, um, it just has this like bare smell that really moisturizes you, um. But you can know it's, not like necessary for smell it's, very nice, though has this spotless creamy smell and yeah, um. I will start with that. The next thing I'm going to use is, of course, I always use my Curtis body butter. It is small business Jamaican.

I. Think it's black one as well, um just going to use a bit of it because a little of it goes in really long way. And as you can see guys, it has this really glowy look when you use it. So I'm, just rubbing that on my body I'm going to use a little more for my legs, because I shaved my legs today. So they're, really, really dry. And then I am going to use this spray that is called walk in the sand.

And it just suits this whole beach, scented, um shower routine. I wanted to use a different perfume, but. This was the one that kind of reminded me the most beach. So this is what I will be using. It has a very, um, nice, like, um, expensive smell that I really love. And then just to make these smell more, um, there I'm going to use the perfume after which is the nostalgia walk in the sand and yeah, guys. This is the perfume here is.

And of course, of course, guys, you have problems with like things that use animals to make their products or like, um, parabens or anything like that guys. This is free of all of. Those and yeah, I think it would be really, really pleasant if you have that mindset, but yeah, guys, um, I'm just going to use my red door by Elizabeth. Arden, deodorant. No, this is a creamy art it's, very light.

It doesn't have a very high scent, and it's something I personally like using as well because just it's just that kind of time that kind of vibe. And here it is, um it's, a cream deodorant. So of course, you all you have to do is like reel the bottom of it, and it just shoots out whatever you want.

And the. Amount you don't have to use a lot personally, I don't use a lot so that's, if it's, actually, the third time I'm using this. Okay, there we sometimes go I'm, not even sure if I'm using it right? But, um, yeah. It smells really, really nice has a very creamy smell. And it is pretty lightweight.

It's, not anything that's going to get you like antsy about the smell. So yeah, guys. This is my shower routine. My beach scented shower routine. If you guys did like, please, remember to like to subscribe and comment, and I'll. See you in the next video bye, guys, you.

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