Albert Einstein For Kids

If you think about brains and being smart, you probably think of Albert Einstein, we are going to investigate the life of Albert Einstein to see how he became one of the most famous scientists in the history of our world. Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. His parents had no idea. Their son, Albert would change the way we look at the universe. He didn't speak until he was four years old later than most children.

Even after he started speaking. He would practice the sentences in his mind to make. Sure he got them right? But one thing that did come quickly and naturally to him was math. He was a math whiz. He began teaching himself high level. Math impressing, his family tutor.

He was also fascinated with physics, a type of science that deals with matter and energy physics. And math would be his obsession throughout his life. He went on to enroll in a mathematics and physics program to get his teaching diploma. He wanted to be a teacher sharing his love for math and physics with all the.

Wonderful students he could, but after graduating, he couldn't find a teaching job. And instead worked in a patent office while working in the Patent Office, he still lived out his passion, writing papers and making discoveries that he would publish. He finally became noticed in the scientific world, releasing some incredible papers that changed the way we understood our world space and time he became a professor was a sought-after speaker and became famous around the world. He would go on to win a. Nobel Peace Prize, one of the most special Awards. Anyone can receive. And he traveled to many countries, sharing not only his knowledge of physics and math.

But his heart about other subjects, too Albert. Einstein was brilliant using math and physics to help us better understand our universe. Now things are going to get interesting. Okay. We are going to show you two discoveries made by Albert Einstein. We are going to make it so fun and simple, even Mr. whiskers could understand it just stare blankly into.

Space if you agree Mr. whiskers Mr. whiskers, he always does that one of Albert Einstein's. Biggest discoveries was this equation. You might have heard of it. E equals MC squared the e stands for energy. The M stands for mass. And the C stands for the speed of light.

It means an object has the same amount of energy as it has mass, and that energy can move at the speed of light superfast. So Mr. whiskers, you have the same amount of energy as you have mass, and that energy can move at the speed of light. Which you're just lying around Oh use your energy.

You have the same amount of energy as you do mass. Go. Huh? It means if you know, the mass of an object, you know, the energy right, it is the same amount. So if anyone ever says, e equals squared just say to them, I know, what that is about it's about energy and mass.

Then give them a high five and say, home school, pop three times. They might run away though another discovery made by Albert Einstein is the theory of general relativity. We are going to make. It's, super simple for you, Mr. whiskers, okay. And for the kids general relativity explains how gravity works, large objects like the earth, Bend space. The space pressing down on us is gravity in our solar system. The Sun causes the stretchy space to curve causing the earth to rotate around the Sun, just like space can be curvy.

So can time and space are relative Mr. whiskers. They depend on things like the mass of objects around it time and space are bendy and bendy space is how gravity really. Works e equals MC squared is all about energy and mass and general relativity explains how gravity works whew physics and math. Thanks, Einstein. Now, you know a little more about Albert, Einstein's life and two of his discoveries.

How crazy would it be? If you shared this knowledge with a friend, it would be like what how do you even know that you know that math and physics are so cool though and so are, you click the circle in the center of the screen if you've not subscribed to our channel yet, or. Click the box to learn more have fun and Internet Lander we'll, see you soon.

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