A Tale Of Two Kefirs | Comparing And Contrasting Water Kefir & Milk Kefir

So, so welcome everyone to another edition of the cultures for health podcast, where we discuss all things related to fermentation, we believe that the best fermented foods and beverages are DIY. And we are here to supply you with the tools you need to get started guidance through the process and to help you achieve your fermentation goals. I am Wendy your host for today. And in today's episode we're going to be comparing and contrasting the two types of kefir water, kefir and milk kefir. If you've. Tuned in last time you will recall that our discussion was all about milk kefir.

If you happen to miss that podcast, I highly suggest you giving it a listen to either before or after today's discussion, today's, podcast will continue to touch on milk kefir. But I will also introduce you to the dairy free and vegan friendly option known as water kefir. Both are a cultured and fermented beverage high in nutrients and probiotics as well as are delicious and have many health benefits, let's continue. Comparing and contrasting, the two how they're made let's start with how the two are made milk kefir is made by adding kefir grains to cow's milk, although it can also be made from goat buffalo, camel and sheep's milk.

Non-Dairy products can also be used like coconut, milk, soy, milk, nut, milk and almond. Milk. Water, kefir on the other hand is non-dairy and is made by adding kefir grains with fruit juices coconut water, organic sugar water or as simple as filtered water, how it works both water kefir and. Milk keeper have vital strains of good bacteria.

Although the bacterial strains are a bit different from each other. This is how it works the bacteria and yeast present in both water and milk, kefir grains metabolize, the sugars present, which is either lactose in dairy milk or sucrose in sugar, water, fermenting. It's introducing beneficial microorganisms, b, complex, vitamins and food enzymes. The resulting drink is a probiotic blend of nutrients and natural sugars, a natural fizzy drink that is known to. Improve gut health and aid in digestion. The appearance water kefir is yellowish, crystal with a fizzy bubbly.

Appearance. Milk, kefir is white and creamy like curds and has a cotton cheese-like appearance, how it can be used water. Kefir can be used as a base for a variety of fruit.

Gelatin desserts salad dressings, popsicles and non-dairy smoothies. It can be flavored and is a good alternative for sodas and juices. There are a few more uses for milk kefir, which can be consumed as is or flavored. It can be used as a base for salad dressings and smoothies.

It is a great alternative for butter, buttermilk or yogurt. Milk. Kefir can also be made into cheese kefir by straining to remove the whey making a variety of cheese ranging from soft spreadable cheese kefir to a cream.

Cheese kefir or a hard cheese. Kefir, milk, kefir grains can be used to inoculate cream to make cultured butter or a sour cream type of dressing. Extra grains may be used as leavening or to soak flour before cooking.

Both can be. Used as a starter culture for fermenting vegetables, how it tastes water kefir is already naturally sweet, although the longer you ferment it. The sweetness disappears. It also tends to have a slightly fermented. Flavor. Ginger ale, water, kefir tastes almost like a beer. There is a sparkling soda effect in coconut water.

Kefir. Anybody who likes soft drink beverages with fizz would love the pleasant and tingling taste milk. Kefir tastes like a strongly flavored cultured milk, somewhat similar to the tart. Flavor of yogurt, the taste of any particular batch depends on the level of fermentation. Well, fermented kefir, generally has a strong sour or tart taste and can even be a bit carbonated. Imagine a thick Italian soda with cream mixed in it is known to some circles as the champagne of milk. Both can be flavored by adding in fresh dried or frozen fruit.

Flavor extracts such as vanilla extracts fruit, juice, herbs, sweeteners such as maple syrup and stevia fermentation time, milk, kefir and water. Kefir. Both. Have a rapid fermentation time. Milk, kefir is between 12 and 24 hours and water kefir is between 24 and 48 hours benefits reports states that both milk, kefir and water, kefir treat a variety of diseases and are known to prevent certain cancers. These health drinks also help control blood pressure, diabetes and maintain blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, they provide a calming sensation and can help with depression anxiety and ADHD. However, there is a slight yet distinctive nutritional difference between. The two milk kefir is more nutritious than water kefir due to the milk present milk is rich in calcium, magnesium zinc, phosphorus. And furthermore, vitamins a and b, complex, b1, b12 and b7 carbohydrates, lactose, sugar and proteins. These are essential nutrients for growth and development. Meanwhile, water kefir offers certain advantages as well. It has low glycemic index, releasing glucose slowly into your bloodstream.

Limiting food, cravings, it's ideal for those individuals on a diet, and it's less fattening. Too it is also suitable for vegans who keep away from dairy water, kefir offers flexibility, enabling you to work with any liquid as long as it has sugars to break down the disadvantages when compared to milk kefir is that water kefir is high in sugar. And so may not be good for people with diabetes or candida issues. It is not as high in minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.

It does not contain as many probiotics as milk kefir, which contains 35 to 50 strains, waterkeeferbenefits.com breaks down the. Differences between milk and water kefir, even further that I'd like to read off to you now water kefir water. Kefir is a probiotic. It contains live microorganisms and when consumed these microorganisms will reach our intestine and begin to exercise their beneficial, healthy metabolic functions to ensure that kefir bacteria reaches our digestive system intact. It is best to take it without food one hour before or after a meal so that its passage through the aggressive. Stomach acid is as fast as.

Possible rehydration and mineral intake water kefir is an isotonic drink. And for that reason, it has the ability to hydrate our body much more than water kefir meets all the requirements for a good isotonic. Drink improves the intestinal flora. It is essential for the proper functioning of the intestines. Probiotics are the same microorganisms that normally inhabit the intestinal system and are able to colonize the intestine to function properly. Enhances the immune system. The immune system is.

Indirectly, enhanced, thanks to the fact that it improves digestion and the body must allocate fewer resources to it when our intestines work properly. It allows us to have a greater absorption of the vitamins. They are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, but probiotics do much more than just that. Some studies have shown that they are also capable of stimulating the lymphocytes and that they could even help to destroy tumor cells acts as an antibiotic by this.

We mean that water. Kefir has the capacity to inhibit certain microorganisms, usually the pathogens or species ever microbiome that may be more developed than it is desirable. Controls cholesterol several studies show that people who want to eat chocolate or sugary candy have a different intestinal bacterial composition than people who did not have that craving. It has been shown that consuming supplements and probiotic foods, such as kefir consistently reduce the desire for carbohydrates, anti-inflammatory and curative. Action, many studies have shown that inflammatory markers are reduced. Also, the body's capacity to regenerate has improved with the consumption of kefir detoxifying and purifying.

The probiotic microorganisms improve the digestion elimination of toxins and harmful substances that run through our intestines strengthens, the body's defenses. This happens, particularly during the recovery from diseases. It has been used successfully in conditions, such as rheumatism asthma constipation, hypertension, Arthritis gastric ulcers, poor digestion or absorption of food, chronic inflammatory diseases. And as a nutritional supplement in diseases, such as cancer or aids, moving on to milk, kefir, milk, kefir, prevents bacterial infections. Thanks to its high and broad content of probiotics milk, kefir can protect our body against some infections caused by bacteria prevents asthma and allergy allergic reactions are caused by inflammatory responses, milk, kefir helps to eliminate these anti-inflammatory responses.Therefore, it reduces the symptoms of allergy and asthma ideal for lactose intolerant people with lactose intolerance cannot properly break down and digest. The lactose contained in conventional dairy products, kefir contains lactic acid bacteria that convert lactose into lactic acid. In addition, they also contain enzymes that contribute to the decomposition of lactose fights digestive problems, probiotic foods, such as kefir contain live microorganisms that lodge into the intestine and help maintain.

The balance of intestinal bacteria. It is effective for digestive issues, such as diarrhea and infections caused by various bacteria help with preventing the formation of cancer cells. Some studies with test tubes have shown that kefir can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, probiotics present in milk. Kefir is able to stimulate certain populations of lymphocytes designed for the recognition and destruction of cancer cells or pathogens improves bone health and osteoporosis kefir made with high fat.

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin k2 both are essential nutrients for maintaining optimal bone health and also good for delaying. The development of osteoporosis kefir increases the absorption of calcium from bone cells, which increases bone density and helps prevent fractures whether you choose milk kefir or water. Kefir. You can't go wrong with either of these drinks. So with that I want to thank you for joining us for another episode of the cultures for health podcast. I hope that. I've managed to teach you a few new things about the two probiotic, powerhouses, milk, kefir and water kefir be sure to visit our website at culturesforhealth.com there, you will find milk kefir and water.

Kefir grains starter kits and equipment for purchases as well as articles quick tips and recipes to get you started on your fermentation journey. I'm Wendy, we'll, see you next time you.

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